A fascinating rendition of “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” at the programme of Bangla New year celebrations of Chittagong University

April 14th. First Baishakh. In the first day of Bangla year 1426, the “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan”, which represented the life culture of the people of rural Bengal, passed this day by conducting various cultural activities.

On the first day of Baishakh, all the members of the organization first gathered at Zero Point of the University of Chittagong, where they all made a draft copy of the day’s activities, which contributed significantly to the day.

After the breakfast, all the members gathered at the ” Unmukto Moncho” of the “theater stage” of the University of Chittagong, where the organization presented “Gambhira”, a well-known theater drama of North Bengal.

After a short snacks break at around 2pm, the ” Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” presented themselves at a ceremony held at the central program Shaheed Abdur Rob Hall of Chittagong University.”Gambhira” the traditional play of Rajshahi Chapainawabganj region of North Bengal, presented before thousands of people.

The content was: “Loko Sanskriti Chorchar Proyojoniota”(The necessity of the study of folk culture). When every member of the organization was coming down from the stage, there were tears of joy in their eyes as the audiences were greating them with sonorous applause.

Then the organization was impressed with the hosts & the warm welcome of the drama department of the University of Chittagong at the ” Mohola Mohol”.

In the evenings and at night, the organization spends some time by drinking tea together with everyone.

The organization is not dreaming only on April 14, or the first day of Baishakh or Bengali New Year is just one day but also there will come a time when all the cultures of the common people of the village, the native culture of the real meaning, the folk culture, will stand every day with all kinds of culture, with its positive energy, a day of refinement will be refined.

Abdullah Al Maruf
(Founder President, Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan)

Tasnim Binta Saif

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