The main purpose of the organization is to highlight the folk culture and cultural elements among the students studying in different institutions of Bangladesh and to develop a platform for studying folk culture through a systematic methodology.


To broaden the platform of folk culture by integrating people who are not studying in any educational institution but for professional or non-professional reasons involved in the use of different materials or materials for the use or practice of folk culture.


To make all the people involved; the people of the university, who are associated with the people’s culture, through the appropriate training and technical education head.


To introduce all the concerned members to the cultural elements and environment of the people spread in different districts and upazilas of the country.


To study the purpose of compiling and preserving information on the cultural and material content of the existing folklore as well as to promote it to the most advanced literary level.


To make necessary training the main objective of the students of different educational institutions, in addition to the prescribed class activities as well as the various cultural activities. Such as: storytelling, pure pronunciation and recitation workshops, acting performances, etc.


Preparing students and interested members for various cultural events that focus on different national celebrations, including National Day, Victory Day