Lokojo Sanskritic Sangathan

“Lokojo Sanskritic Sangathan” is a explorative, non-political; cultural organisation. This organisation explores about different elements of the folk culture of Bangladesh as well as practices different kinds of folklore presentations at the vast expance. It also teaches these performances to the young learners.

“Lokojo” means- getting from the people; “Sanskrity” means- the means by which one can learn everything about one’s livelihood, behaviour method etc.

In English, these two words “Lokojo” and “Sanskrity” can be used for “Folk” & “culture” respectively.

Thus, “Lokojo Sanskrity” is a medium by which one can directly acquire knowledge about the behaviour, habits or customs & the means of livelihood and methods of mass people.

Plenty elements of folk & literatureare hidden in the culture & customs of the remote village people. These elements are enough to uphold our own identify before the entire world.

Students from different universities of Bangladesh research about these elements of folklore & work for the methods, presentation style, origins & evolutions & thus create an artistic & redifined shape.

“Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan ” works with these students who works in the remote areas, zillas & upazilas of our country & try to enliven the elements of the local culture.

“Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” will continuously works with these literature elements for the noble cause which will able to create a well controlled platform in every zillas & upazilas of our country. This way this practice will spread in the whole country. The next step & the ultimate goal for this organisation is to reach its identity in the international arena.

On September 18; 2013 “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan ” started its journey from the “Mukto Mancho” of Chittagong University. At present it is spreading it’s work at different zillas & upazilas of the country and thus breaking the boundary of Chittagong University.