February 13, 2020. The first Falgun of Bangla year 1426

Today is the happy birthday of “Falguni Tripura Fara”, one of the main advisors of the “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan”.Although the organization never celebrated her special day in terms of overall engagement during its long walk with the organization, her contribution to celebrating every ordinary moment of the organization was truly unacceptable.The program of the branch of Chittagong University or her actions as the caretaker of the girls’ schools in Kutubdia upazila of Cox’s Bazar district,Or a program that is included in the “Sanskriti Jot” (Cultural Alliance) of Chittagong University, which is a brilliant reflection of the smiling efforts her who is relentlessly striving to successfully complete everything, is called Falguni Tripura Fara.

February 13, 2016.
The program was organized by the “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of “Green International School and College” in Bhojpur union of Fatikchari upazila.
From there the organization returned on February 14th. Because of this, it is no longer possible to celebrate this dear one’s birthday.

February 13, 2017.
As the organization prepares to share the Day of Love with the street children, the organization passed the working hours on that day.

February 13, 2018.
The organization was conducting its organizational activities in Kutubdia upazila of Cox’s Bazar district.

February 13, 2019.
For the celebration of spring, Chittagong University Branch of Udichi organization arranged a programme where the “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” performed as an invited organization. As a result, it hadn’t been possible on that day to organize a small program for her birthday.

First Falgun 2010, Pohela Falgun 1426.

On this day, the organization will be presenting its cultural program at the Chittagong University Spring Festival.

The organization is dedicating their performance today to one of the most dedicated person of the organization, one of the main advisers, the highest respect and love of all; Falguni Tripura Fara.

Happy Birthday Falguni Tripura Faramoni.

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