Former Honorable Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, Mr. ASM Arefin Siddiqui visits the stall of the “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan.

Until the end of the fun activities of the “Peetha Utshob” till 27/1/2019, the organization was allowed to introduce themselves to all by staying at the stall of the Orientation and New Year celebrations of the Faculty of Social Sciences.On the continuation of the same, the “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” spent the last two days yesterday, 28/ 01/2019, and today 29-01-2019, with the responsibility of introducing the newcomers & interested students of the Faculty of Social Sciences to connect them with organizations.In addition to incorporating several cultured students into her family, the organization also received honorary Assistant Proctor Mr. Pranab Mitra Chowdhury Sir from Chittagong University as a lifetime member.The organization also received best wishes from Mr. D. Anwar Hossain, Associate Professor of Anthropology & got him as a member of our organisation.Mr. ASM Arefin Siddique, former Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University,Honored Vice-Chancellor Dr. Shirin Akhtar Mam & the Honorable Proctor Mr. Ali Azgar Chowdhury sir exchanged views on various issues with the organization today.

Abdullah Al Maruf
(Founder President, Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan)

Tasnim Binta Saif

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