“Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” Chittagong University branch spent wonderful time enjoying tea.

A tea-party was organized by “Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” an organization representing the life culture of the people of rural Bengal, in front of the Chittagong University Museum today, on 04-03-2019, with the new friends of the Chittagong University Branch.The museum premises had been reminiscent of some of the most talented students from different parts of Bangladesh.The organization believes that the sonorous response of today’s newcomers will become one of the major tools of tomorrow’s healthy rural & folk culture movements and will play an effective role in building a healthy, beautiful, vibrant cultural environment against all kinds of non-cultural aggression that hindered our folk culture before.

Abdullah Al Maruf
(Founder President, Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan)

Tasnim Binta Saif

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