Playing the “Juta Abiskar” (Discovery of the Shoes) drama of the Folk Folk Cultural Organization in Rouzan

18October, 2018.
October 9, 20.

The play “Juta Abiskar” (Discovery of shoes) is based on the famous poem”Juta Abiskar” by poet Guru Rabindranath Tagore, which is performed at the “Middle Binjuri Durga Temple” in Rausan upazila of Chittagong district, Chittagong University branch.

Throughout the cultural program organized by the Middle Binjurai Sangeet Academy, the artists of the”Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan” organized the drama through their plays and folk music performances.

Abdullah Al Maruf
(Founder President, Lokojo Sanskritik Sangathan)

Tasnim Binta Saif

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